Zayed University (United Arab Emirates)

Zayed University (United Arab Emirates)

          • Learning outcomes
            • University (general education) outcomes and associated matrices (rubrics, pdf files).
            • Matrices for major disciplines’ learning outcomes (pdf files).
            • About indicators & criteria for outcome-related competencies.
            • University perspective on characteristics of good learning outcomes (pdf file).
          • Learning assessment
            • Overview of the university’s approach and process.
            • Plans and reports
              • Planning & reporting cycle.
              • College-level assessment plans for assessment of undergraduate and graduate programs, and some units’ assessment reports (pdf files).
              • Templates for assessment plans & reports (Word documents).
            • Assessment tools and resources
              • Assessment newsletter (pdf files).
              • Assessment calendar and steps (pdf files).
              • Guidelines & tips for the TracDat assessment management system and for the university’s own Strategic Planning Online (SPOL) system (pdf files; TracDat & SPOL access is restricted to Zayed University faculty & staff).
              • Access to the iWebfolio portfolio management system is restricted to Zayed University faculty & staff. The university’s own ePortfolio system was not available when last checked.
              • Links to other assessment resources.
            • Information about & from the university’s assessment committees.
              • Material from on-campus assessment retreats & workshops (pdf files).
              • Information about the annual learning assessment award (pdf file).
          • Information about periodic academic program review (pdf files).
          • Information about the national degree qualifications framework (overview and pdf files).
          • The accreditation site includes links to the university’s self-study process & report (pdf files).

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