Yavapai College (Arizona)

Yavapai College: Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (Arizona)

          • Overview of assessment.
          • Faculty and administration info
            • More on Yavapai’s SLOA process (html pages, pdf files).
            • Faculty members’ & deans’ SLOA responsibilities.
            • Glossary and other resources (pdf files).
          • Program assessment
            • Details of the program assessment process. (The links to additional details, reports, etc. were not available when last checked.)
          • Course-level assessment plans & reports. (The links to individual course details were not available when last checked.)
          • About Yavapai’s assessment days & faculty showcase presentations (pdf & video files).
            • The assessment handbook from the 2011-12 Assessment Friday includes a glossary and an FAQ (pdf file).
          • Information about & from the SLOA committee (minutes are pdf files).
          • Training & tutorials include reporting forms, examples, checklists, & training exercises (pdf & video files, html pages).
            • The online reporting forms on these pages were not available when last checked. If they do become available, please do not enter anything into the forms!

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