State Boards & Commissions

State Boards & Commissions

Some state higher education board/commission websites include assessment policies or information. Information about how the state’s colleges & universities implement the policies is on individual institutions assessment sites.

Complete to Compete: From Information to Action: Revamping Higher Education Accountability Systems (the brochure is a pdf file)

Colorado Department of Higher Education

  • Under Educators& Administrators, select Performance Contracts Compliance. In the individual contracts (large pdf files) for Colorado public colleges, universities, or systems such as the Colorado StateUniversity System, see the sections on assessment under Goal #2 (Improving Student Success). These currently focus on retention & persistence rates.

Idaho State Board of Education

  • Under Policies, select Section III (Postsecondary Affairs) and scroll down to X. Outcomes Assessment (pdf file).

Illinois Board of Higher Education

  • Under Reports & Studies, select Accountability & Productivity, and then the Statewide Performance Reports.
    • In the 2006 Report’s Compendium of Effective Institutional Practices (pdf file), see Policy Area 5: High Quality (pp 129ff) for policy and institutional summaries on institutional-effectiveness & outcomes assessment.
    • Individual institutions’ reports (pdf files) include more details on Policy Area 5. They are available via the drop-down menus on the performance report’s page.

Massachussetts Department of Higher Education

  • The Vision Project includes student learning outcomes assessment. In What is the Vision Project?, see Metrics; in Key initiatives, see Student Learning Outcomes Assessment.
  • The Performance Measurement System’s student success indicators include persistence & completion rates and some professional licensure rates.
    • Reports are available for individual state colleges and community colleges. Select Performance Measurement Report, then, in the Policy and Report Library, select Reports and scroll down to Performance Measurement (pdf files).

Missouri Department of Higher Education

  • Overview of assessment efforts encouraged by MDHE and the state’s Coordinating Board for Higher Education (CBHE).
  • Guiding principles and assessment handbook from the Missouri Assessment Consortium, a discussion forum.
    • The MAC site includes links to participating institutions’ sites, some of which describe the institution’s outcomes assessment processes.
  • Under Initiatives, select the Committee on Curriculum and Assessment
    • History, reports, & minutes (pdf files).
    • Information about & from one of the Committee’s predecessors, the Learning Assessment in Missouri Postsecondary Education (LAMP) project.
      • Overview of the LAMP project.
      • Primer, status report, newsletters (pdf files).
  • Results from MDHE’s MAIS survey of institutions’ assessment instruments & practices (Word document, Excel file).
  • The annual Statistical Summary of Missouri Higher Education (under Research & Data) includes some assessment-related information (pdf & Excel files).

Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

  • Select the Policy and Procedures Manual from the right-hand menu. In Chapter 3: Academic Affairs (pdf file), section 3.19 has the Board’s policies on assessment.
  • Under Studies, Reports and Data / Archived Studies and Reports, the Annual Student Assessment Report summarized individual institutions’ assessment processes and results (pdf files).

Rhode Island Board of Governors for Higher Education

  • In the Board drop-down menu, select Board Regulations, then Policy Manual. In section A 2.0: Quality in Higher Education: Program and Institutional Review Processes (pdf file), see E. Outcome Measures.

South Carolina Commission on Higher Education

  • On the Institutional Effectiveness page, see A Closer Look at Public Higher Education in South Carolina. These summaries of institutions’ (older) institutional effectiveness reports are large pdf documents.
    • The page also has instructions for the IE reports.

Tennessee Higher Education Commission

  • Under Related Topics in the left-hand menu, select Performance Funding, then the performance
    tab. These pages include general information about THEC’s performance funding program including requirements for and institutional summaries of general education assessment (mostly pdf files; the financial estimate forms are Excel files). See especially the Outcomes Based Funding Formula documents (pdf & Excel files).

Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges: Assessment, Teaching and Learning

  • Assessment guidelines and glossary.
  • Annual assessment reports from individual colleges (pdf files).
  • ATL Digest online newsletters: Some issues include descriptions of & links to assessment-related events & resources (pdf files).
  • Information about ATL events and (pdf files) information from previous retreats & workshops.
  • Links to other assessment resources.