Pace University (New York)

Pace University: Office of Planning, Assessment and Institutional Research (New York)

      • Overview of the site and a report (pdf file, Blueprint for Accountability) on the development of assessment activities at Pace.
      • Assessment plans & activities
        • University assessment plan (Word document, Powerpoint presentation).
        • School plans: Individual academic units’ assessment plans (Word documents).
        • Assessment plans from (some) academic & administrative support units (Word documents, Excel files).
      • Questions & answers FAQ.
      • Information about standardized assessment instruments used at Pace.
      • About Pace’s participation in AACU’s Bringing Theory to Practice initiative (html pages, pdf files, Word documents).
      • Overview of NSSE results (Word document) and links to information about Pace initiatives related to NSSE benchmarks.
      • Information for students about assessment.
      • Assessment News newsletter (pdf files).
      • Assessment-related presentations & publications by Pace faculty & staff (pdf files).
      • Resources for staff and faculty include:
        • Introduction to assessment (Powerpoint file) and guidelines for assessing administrative & support units (Word document).
        • Links to other assessment resources (including a Word document with links to examples from other institutions).

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