Nyack College (New York)

Nyack College: Office of Institutional Assessment (New York)

      • Assessment model and information about the LOM (learning outcomes management) system.
      • Core (general education) learning outcomes and (pdf file) associated rubrics, and a sample curriculum mapping chart.
      • Program assessment rubric template and relationship to program learning goals.
        • The assessment model page includes a link to an Excel file of the template.
      • The glossary is an assessment manual that includes guidelines & examples (pdf file).
      • Downloadable resources also include guidelines & examples (pdf files).
      • Previous assessment information includes:
        • Individual academic programs’ learning outcomes & curriculum maps (Excel file).
        • Reporting guide (pdf file) and template example (Excel file).
        • Summary reports (zipped archives of pdf files).
      • Links to other assessment resources.

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