Florida International University

Florida International University: Office of Academic Planning and Accountability

      • FIU’s assessment policies and (Word documents) cycle.
      • Academic assessment: Overviews and (Word documents) reporting templates for university-wide, core curriculum, and program-specific student learning outcomes.
        • See academic learning compacts in the main menu for individual programs’ learning outcomes. (The regulations are a Word document. Most programs’ ALC direct measures and curriculum maps are Excel files; a few are Word documents.)
      • Administrative assessment: Reporting templates & instructions for administrative units and centers & institutes (Word documents).
      • The handbook is available in pdf and html formats.
        • Tips and guidelines on how to plan & implement assessment, with links to appropriate handbook chapters.
      • FAQ.
      • Resources
        • Assessment newsletters (pdf files).
        • Glossary, in pdf and html formats.
        • Information about & from assessment training events (Word documents).
        • A book list (Excel file) and annotated bibliography (Word document) from APA’s assessment library.
        • Links to other assessment resources, and resources for rubrics and curriculum maps.
      • Information about the assessment committee (Word documents).
      • Instructions & help for TracDat (TracDat access is restricted to FIU faculty & staff).
      • Information about periodic academic program review (html pages, Word documents).

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