Florida Gulf Coast University

Florida Gulf Coast University: Office of Planning and Institutional Performance

      • Diagram (integrated view) of FGCU assessment process.
      • Summary of Florida State University system academic learning compact (ALC) process (pdf file).
      • Learning outcomes for individual academic programs (a large pdf file).
      • Academic units’ assessment plans (pdf files).
      • Administrative units’ assessment plans (mht files will open in Internet Explorer but may not open in other browsers).
      • External assessments: Reports from institution-wide surveys, including NSSE results (pdf, Excel & Powerpoint files).
      • Survey page: Tips for designing and using surveys.
      • Resources:
        • Reporting timelines (pdf files).
        • Materials from on-campus presentations (Powerpoint files).
        • About the annual report process.
        • Links to other assessment resources.

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