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Additional information.

  • What Do Students Already Know? (html files)- Information and resources discussing methods to assess students’ background knowledge.
  • Measuring Student Learning (html and pdf files)-Information on numerous methods to assess student learning.
  • Using Rubrics (html and pdf files)-Information on why to use rubrics, development of rubrics, incorporating rubrics in a course, and other online rubric resources.
  • Asking Good Test Questions (html files)-Information regarding what are good test questions, how to develop good test questions, and additional resources (pdf file).
  • Self-Assessment
    * What is self-assessment?
    * Why employ self-assessment?
    * How can you incorporate self-assessment?
    * What else should you consider when incorporating self-assessment?
    * Resources for Incorporating Self-Assessment (html files).
  • Peer Assessment (html files)
    * What is peer-assessment?
    * Theories of active learning (html file)
    * Why employ peer assessment?
    * How can you incorporate peer-assessment? (html files (rubrics and Blackboard) included in this section)
    * What else should you consider when incorporating peer-assessment?
    * Resources for Incorporating Peer Assessment (html and pdf files)
  • Assessment Resources
    * Strategies for Assessing Students (html files)
    * Developing a Plan: Assessment Guide for Courses and Programs
    – Course-Level Assessment Guide for Instructors
    – Program-Level Assessment Guide for Administrators
    – Example of assessment plans (html files)
    * Developing a Plan: Assessment Resources at the Graduate Level (html and pdf files)
    * CTE Working Sessions on Learning Outcomes and Assessment (html file)
  • Overview of assessment.
  • Putting it into practice: Tips & guidelines for developing & implementing assessment processes, with links to examples & other resources.
  • FAQ, with links to other resources.
  • Glossary.
  • University-wide (general education) and college-level learning outcomes.
  • From the core assessment committee: Framework & guidelines for department-level & general education assessment. (Examples for the Knight Institute’s interdisciplinary courses are pdf files.)
  • The Institutional Research & Planning site includes
    • Reports from surveys of students, faculty, staff, & parents (pdf files).
    • Information about periodic academic program review.

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