Colorado School of Mines

Colorado School of Mines

      • FAQ.
      • Profile of the CSM graduate (general education learning goals) and graduate program general objectives/outcomes (pdf files).
      • Core (general education) curriculum
        • Description of CSM’s core curriculum (pdf file).
        • ABET criteria mapped to CSM’s general education learning goals and core courses (Word documents).
        • Methods used to assess the core as a whole and individual core courses (pdf files).
        • Article on engineering education from the National Academy of Engineering (pdf files).
      • Guidelines for creating & implementing undergraduate and graduate program assessment plans, with reporting templates, best practice examples, and the assessment committee’s evaluation rubric (Word documents, pdf files).
      • How do I…? tips & guidelines, including:
        • Glossary (Word document).
        • Information about assessment mini-grants (Word documents).
        • Links to other assessment resources.
      • More links to other assessment resources.