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Institutional Research and Assessment

  • Assessment Resources
    • Resources from Carleton College
    • General External Resources
    • Foundations with Interests in Assessment and Student Learning Outcomes
  • Student Learning Outcomes
    • Six institutional learning outcomes, which are drawn from the academic goals section of the College’s Mission, form the basis for our assessment plan.  The purpose of our plan is to gauge the degree to which we are achieving these goals and to guide discussions of how we can enhance teaching and learning.
  • Mapping Outcomes to New Graduation Requirements
    • As we develop a plan to collect evidence on our six learning outcomes, are there courses in which we might expect to find useful student artifacts?  If future assessment efforts determine that we are not fully successful in delivering on one of our student learning outcomes, where in our curriculum might we want to consider making changes?  To answer questions like these it is useful to look for the intersection between our student learning outcomes and our graduation requirements.  This mapping, affirmed by the ECC on September 30, 2009, represents a starting point for such explorations.
  • Institutional Assessment Plan
    • The primary responsibility for designing and implementing the College’s institutional assessment plan falls to the Education and Curriculum Committee (ECC). In Fall 2009, the ECC endorsed a list of six institution-level student learning outcomes. Then in Spring and Fall 2010 the committee endorsed a draft assessment plan for subsequent discussions by the campus in Fall and Winter 2010. Based on comments and feedback from those discussions, the ECC revised and endorsed the plan in Winter 2011.The plan includes:
      • An assessment rubric for each student learning outcome that identifies and defines the dimensions that, when taken together, encompass what we mean by that outcome.
      • A 10-year plan that indicates when and how often we expect to collect, analyze, and discuss what evidence for each of the outcomes.

      Assessment Plan Detail
      Links to rubrics which define each outcome and detail on evidence we plan to collect for each.

      The Assessment Cycle
      This page describes the annual assessment cycle from data collection to outcome review to curricular response.

  • Department and Program Assessment
  • Annual Assessment Report Form (13 KB Word Document)
  • Survey Research
  • Outcomes
    • Post-Carleton Graduate and Professional Study
    • Employment Outcomes
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