Carleton College (Minnesota)

Carleton College

One North College Street, Northfield, Minnesota

o Mapping Outcomes to New Graduation requirements.

o Institutional Assessment Plan and Assessment Cycle

o Department and Program Assessment plans and resources.

  • Perlman Center for Learning and Teaching Coordinates programs for new and experienced faculty and circulates new information about teaching theories and strategies, and helps to identify problems and suggest solutions for classroom practice.
  • Science Education Research Center (SERC) Founded to improve education in the Earth Sciences and beyond. Plan and host transformative workshops for educators, conducting research to develop effective pedagogy, and testing the most effective ways of implementing change in the classroom.
  • Quantitative Inquiry, Reasoning, and Knowledge (QuIRK) Initiative designed to create curriculum and practice around the teaching of quantitative reasoning. Assessment of student writing informs professional development; workshops encourage curricular reform; subsequent assessment that evaluates effectiveness of reform efforts.
  • The Writing Program and the Carleton Writing Portfolio Required midway through every student’s college career, the writing portfolios enable the college to ensure that undergraduates can write competently in a range of styles and contexts.

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