In the ASSESS Discussion-List Archive

In the ASSESS Discussion-List Archive, see the

  • May 2009 thread on Using Written Comments from Students About a Faculty Member, initiated by Susan King.
  • December 2009 threads Student Evaluation of Courses: A Controversial Policy, initiated by Jonathan Keiser, and Timing of Student Evaluation of Faculty, initiated by Michelle Miller.
  • January 2010 threads Incentives and Motivators to Complete Class Evaluations and Class Evaluation Incentive Strategies – Your Responses, initiated by Jean Gomes. The responses post includes a Word document of on- and off-list responses to the question.
  • January 2010 thread Student Evaluations of Faculty in Online Courses, initiated by Arnold Gelfman.
  • October 2011 thread Evaluation of Faculty Teaching, initiated by Jeremy Penn. The thread deals mainly with non-student methods such as peer review.
  • December 2011 thread Student Evaluations, initiated by Susan Warner.
  • January 2012 threads An Outside Putting in His 2 Cents, initiated by Lenny Shedletsky, and Re: [ASSESS:] Putting in His 2 Cents/Student Evaluations.
  • August 2012 thread Using IDEA for Tenure and Promotion, initiated by Susan Warner.
  • November 2012 thread Course Evaluations and Extreme Scores, initiated by Dan McCollum.
  • July 2013 thread Course evaluation Inter-rater Reliability, initiated by David Eubanks.
  • September 2013 thread Course Evaluation Data, initiated by Adrienne McCormick.
  • November 2013 thread Reliability of Course Evaluations, initiated by Karman Wheeler.
  • March 2015 thread Handling Scathing Student Evaluations of Teachers initiated by Michael Davison

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