Missouri Department of Higher Education

Missouri Department of Higher Education

  • Overview of assessment efforts encouraged by MDHE and the state’s Coordinating Board for Higher Education (CBHE).
  • Guiding principles and assessment handbook from the Missouri Assessment Consortium, a discussion forum.
    • The MAC site includes links to participating institutions’ sites, some of which describe the institution’s outcomes assessment processes.
  • Under Initiatives, select the Committee on Curriculum and Assessment
    • History, reports, & minutes (pdf files).
    • Information about & from one of the Committee’s predecessors, the Learning Assessment in Missouri Postsecondary Education(LAMP) project.
      • Overview of the LAMP project.
      • Primer, status report, newsletters (pdf files).
  • Results from MDHE’s MAIS survey of institutions’ assessment instruments & practices (Word document, Excel file).
  • The annual Statistical Summary of Missouri Higher Education (under Research & Data) includes some assessment-related information (pdf &Excel files).

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